PICK-AXE Pre-Production VLOG #1: BTS/FX Prep ONLINE NOW!

On 21 July, 2013


Jayson Bust BTS

In an effort to be more connected to the world of social media, we’ve elected to do a series of VLOGs throughout the pre-production process, into production, and even through post-production.

The first of these videos concerns the FX Prep work that our FX team is working on.  In particular, this video focuses on three of our FX artists (Kristi Boul, Gilbert Cortez, and Kirk Mayberry) as they create a mold of Jayson Champion’s head and chest.  If you recall, Jayson is playing the killer in THE PICK-AXE MURDERS III,  known as “ALEX BLACK”.  Because Alex Black has been buried for a number of years, he looks a bit…gross.  This video shows the first step in the process, which is creating the mold of his bust so that our FX artists can create his iconic look.

Here’s the link:


Keep your eyes peeled, because we will be doing these as often as we can!


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