IN EXTREMIS now online!

On 2 October, 2014

Last night, our latest short film IN EXTREMIS had its world premiere at Splatterfest in Houston.  As a treat, we would like to share this cinematic insanity with all of you!

For those uninitiated few, Splatterfest is a film competition akin to the 48 Hour Film Race.  Teams are given an assignment of a character, a weapon, a line of dialogue, and this year a new element of “sub genre”.  Teams then have 54 hours to write, shoot, edit, and score a 4-7 minute HORROR film with the assigned elements in place.

This year, First Week of Winter Films formed a team known as “PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE”, which consisted of many folks who worked on THE PICK-AXE MURDERS.  The outstanding acting was handled by Christina Stroup, Michelle Ellen Jones, and Amber Foss.  Once again, the gorgeous cinematography was handled by John Hale of Bleedthrough Productions.

The crowd reaction to the short was incredible, and everyone congratulated us on a job well done.  The awards ceremony for Splatterfest takes place this Sunday, and if we are lucky enough to win anything, we will be posting about it ASAP!



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