The Pick-Axe MurdersFIRST WEEK OF WINTER FILMSĀ is a small indie film production company, headed by Jeremy Sumrall, dedicated to delivering high-quality, exciting genre-centric movies that will ENTERTAIN audiences. Now, what do we mean by “genre-centric”? It’s simple: anything that can fall outside of what is considered “mainstream”, i.e. HORROR, SCI-FI, etc., with special emphasis on HORROR. .

The first film under the FIRST WEEK OF WINTER FILMS banner is an upcoming slasher flick set in the 1980s called THE PICK-AXE MURDERS PART III: THE FINAL CHAPTER.

While we hate the term “throwback”, if that’s the politically correct term for what we’re doing, then PICK-AXE is certainly a “throwback”. It’s more of a “love-letter” to slasher films from the 1980s. No horrible in-jokes. No wink-wink-nudge-nudges. Straight-up, brutal, sexy, gory horror, with a copious amount of BOOBS and snarky humor.

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