First Week of Winter Films LOGO SHIRT (Size XXXL)

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Wanna support INDIE HORROR FLICKMAKERS? Here's the PERFECT chance to do so!

Our very popular "wolf" logo (created by Krystal Fancey of THE ZOMBIFIED) looks GREAT on a black t-shirt (because HORROR...duh.), and you can look as spiffy as our good friend Mike aka "Greenbeard" (featured in the second picture). Be the envy of all of the horror nerds at your favorite convention.

As a bonus, EVERY PENNY OF PROFIT goes towards making our future projects. Your help and contributions mean the world to us, and we cannot thank you enough for the support, so buy 7 for yourself (one for every day of the week, of course - WHO WANTS TO DO LAUNDRY?!?!), and one for each of your girlfriends (or boyfriends - we don't discriminate! LOVE IS LOVE!!).


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