SHUT UP. MAKE MOVIES. Die-Cut Sticker!

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When people are running their mouths, talking about everything they are going to do, rather than actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, our motto is "SHUT UP. MAKE MOVIES,". While everyone else is tearing someone else's dreams down, while failing to do something about their own, our motto is "SHUT UP. MAKE MOVIES,". In other words, "CONCENTRATE ON YOUR OWN BACKYARD AND DO THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE. FORGET WHAT ANYONE ELSE IS DOING. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND DO YOUR OWN THING." -- but, that's a BIT too wordy to put on a sticker or a t-shirt, eh?

Due to popular demand, we've decided to make our "SHUT UP. MAKE MOVIES." stickers available for SALE to the public. But, we decided to sell BIGGER ones instead of the ones we hand out at conventions, making these much more valuable. These stickers measure 8 inches by 4 inches, are die-cut, custom made out of WEATHERPROOF VINYL, which is protected against sunlight, rain, or scratching. These are sure to turn heads (a la Regan McNeil in the Exorcist)!


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