The Pick-Axe Murders featured in GoreZone Magazine!

On 2 February, 2014

So, while principal photography on The Pick-Axe Murders is winding down, the promotional machine is just getting warmed up!!!

On top of a couple of really cool podcasts that the cast and crew have been a part of lately, we’re getting some recognition in the print world as well!  In addition to our article in Fangoria #329 (featuring The Exorcist on the cover), we’re proud to announce that the recently resurrected (like a worm-infested zombie!) GOREZONE magazine has not only featured an extensive article on Pick-Axe, but we’re also mentioned on that GORE-geous cover!  Check it out!


GoreZone #30


GOREZONE is available ONLY through FANGORIA’s GORE STORE, and you can either subscribe or buy individual copies by clicking this link:!/~/product/category=5049390&id=33315567

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