Crowdfunding rant… A pro-Zach Braff Rant

On 24 April, 2013

(Note:  Posted this as a status update a bit ago.  Realized it warranted sticking around, because this is how I feel about crowdfunding – a task I may be embarking on myself VERY soon.  Read it and enjoy, or fucking don’t.  Either way, this is MY FUCKING OPINION.)

I’m seriously disgusted seeing people rail against Zach Braff for turning to Kickstarter to look for $2 million worth of funding for his next film.

Everyone’s arguments against this seem to include “He’s worth $22 million”, or his salary when he was on Scrubs (reportedly $350K an episode – much less than what the stars of “Friends” were getting at their PEAK ten years prior).

Yeah…  and, your point?

People seem to think that in order to make a movie, one just has to take a fraction of their net worth (in this case, it would mean – if the statements about his net worth were TRUE – he’d have to withdraw $2 million from his assets – if they’re LIQUID, of course).

So, by that rationale, someone worth…  I dunno…  $50K should take $5K (using the same 10% model) to make their own movie…

Thus, assuming ALL of the risk, if the movie either never gets made, or completed, or finds distribution.  The possibility of NEVER seeing that $5K again.  The possibility of only seeing SOME of it returned.

I personally think he has the right to ask whomever he fucking wants to fund his movie.  The idea of funding it yourself is a HEADACHE AND A HALF (and I know, because right now, the bulk of my movie if you aren’t aware!)  is being funded out of my own fucking pocket), and the idea of asking a studio for money (thus inviting them to stick their nose into the creative side of things) is a SCARY, SCARY thing if you consider your stories to be too “intimate” or “personal” to be blockbusters (read as: MONEY-MAKERS).  

So, what’s the alternative?  Turning straight to the INTENDED AUDIENCE:  THE FANS.  The people who are ultimately going to make or break the movie, financially.  But, see, the risk is taken out (almost completely), because the fans have already spent MONEY on the project…

But, of course, it doesn’t end there, because there are PERKS to be had!  It’s not like Braff (or ANY filmmaker worth a shit that asks for crowdfunding) is saying “GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY, and *IF* I FINISH THE PROJECT I’LL LET YOU SEE IT”.  No, the fans are actually getting something IN THE MEANTIME.  Production diaries, set visits, dinners with stars, a walk-on role, even posters or t-shirts, etc.  All of these are acceptable perks.  So, not only do you get the chance to be a part of a film in some small way (try and do that with a Hollywood studio and see how far it gets you), but you get “free” shit, PLUS, in many cases, a chance to see the film once its done BEFORE it’s released to the public.

Where’s the harm?

I could see it if Braff were telling folks “If you don’t pay me money, I’ll kill this kitten”, but it’s just not the case.


Where’s some boobies???


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