Day one of production in the can…

On 23 August, 2013

The Pick-Axe Murders


Jeremy’s Thoughts… ┬áDay One.

There are moments in filmmaking that are just so beautiful, so surreal, that you sit back and wonder how it was pulled off. Moments where the line between “filmmaking” and “film” is truly blurred, where you, as the writer/director, can sit back and watch the magic unfold on the monitor in front of you, not as the words you wrote or the action you directed, but as the MOVIE you are VIEWING.

Moments like that are special. They’re rare. They’re unicorns riding hippos while shooting UZIs at the Loch Ness Monster.

And when they happen, all stress, all worry, all care slips casually away from you, and the “director” becomes the “fan”.

It’s moments like that, that make all of the bullshit worth it.

Thankfully, because of an amazing crew and an awesome cast, last night, we pulled off SEVERAL of those moments. There’s nothing quite like that feeling. It’s Christmas morning, Halloween, the first bite of key lime pie, and the first orgasm with the one you love.

So folks, thank you for my Christmas morning.

I can’t wait for you all to see what I’m talking about.


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